Saving Money Buying Unripe Fruit
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Saving Money Buying Unripe Fruit

While going through the supermarket today I found so many great deals where this one for pineapples seemed almost too good where the sign mentioned it was $1.87 each with a limit of two. These normally go for over $3. They looked pretty large too without looking like they are rotten or anything. But you can see as well a lot of them didn’t look ripe yet which may be the reason for the steep discount.

Even the avocados seemed extremely inexpensive at $1.87 a bag that is normally well over $3 as well. They did seem like they needed time to ripe as well, but at that price you can just buy it and let it sit for awhile until it’s perfect to start eating.

I often do this to save money where with discounts like these it’s a good investment if you normally consume these types of food items. You don’t really need to do much either to make them ripe other than letting them sit around. You could do things such as placing the avocado with uncooked rice to help with the process. But again, you can just wait and save a lot of money in the process.

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