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Same Unadvertised Sales From Other Subsidiaries

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As mentioned the other day there was this one dollar sale that I thought I would check out. There seemed to be some good deals although a lot of the one dollar deals were junk food related items. One thing I did notice was that while this particular chain of stores advertised the deals, the interesting thing was with other store divisions of the company that operated under a different brand name had deals that were listed for about one dollar as well.

I suppose for some items they were using the same barcode price scanning figures and so when you buy the items they all register as the same. Usually different company divisions have different pricing though even though all of their inventory share a similar product code of sort. Someone made a boo boo i suppose in updating the prices. I guess that is a last resort lottery mentality type of way to snatch some sales if you missed out which is to visit other stores that are owned by the same parent company.

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