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Same Sales But Personalized For Tracking

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Usually when I get all these e-mail offers from companies that I have shopped from before there are items such as coupon discount codes that they say is for certain people only. I suppose it’s a way to make people feel that they are getting a deal that no one else is getting. Many times though I usually try to search if the company is running anything else similar. In this particular case they were as the only difference was to other people such as customers that have never purchased from them before had a different code label.

When you think about it, the sales code is more used as a way to track which market or demographic the sale came from which is useful information for the business to see where they should invest their marketing dollars to. I suppose that is an interesting idea for people who are trying to find the best place to advertise to attract customers and which audience is more likely to tell others about a deal.

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