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Same Company With Different Prices

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I was looking for a cheap microphone today as I figured that it would be a bit more convenient then using a headset microphone. So what I did was that I started to look for something that was pretty much the barebones basic. The price seemed okay as you can see here.

This was an example too on how I knew this company ran multiple stores under a different name and so I decided to do a quick search to see what prices they listed the products for there. This was the search that came up when I did a quick price search.

Company one, two and five are actually the same company in this case. As you can see, there are a lot of price differences. The convenient case in this instance is that I can simply ask them to price match themselves and sure enough that is the case where I am able to get the item for cheaper. Just a quick example on how researching different divisions of companies can easily save you money as usually they have the same products except the company may operate under a different label with less overhead.

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