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Sales Quotas When Trying Out Programs

This was kind of strange today. There was an affiliate program I tried out in the past to see how well it preformed and as evident it didn’t do very well and as a result I kind of left it dormant. It did have a policy too where you had to sell X amount of services to maintain an account. Funny enough, even the the account was closed I was getting e-mail notifications today about sales that were generated from my pages.

Indeed, the account was registered as closed though which means it was a invalid sale. The only thing I took out of that thought wise is that you should be careful about any programs that have any high quota restrictions as I can easily imagine say a person building up $50 just to be hammered by a rule such as if you don’t make $100 in six months then you will simply lose all your commissions and the account will be closed. Evermore important if you are just trying to get your feet wet in these types of ventures.

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