Sales Pitches Disguised As Travel Deals
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Sales Pitches Disguised As Travel Deals

I was reading some interesting stories today of travels deals that seemed way too cheap here you have to wonder what the catch was. By cheap think of it as airfare and accommodations to places that would normally cost about $1000 come out to about $80. Again, sounds ridiculously cheap huh?

Apparently the catch was many of these trips are actually sponsored by businesses where as the tourist you are brought to places such as shops and markets where people are pressured to buy useless items. In many examples I have read people were buying hundreds of dollars of items due to the high pressure sale tactics. So in the end, they didn’t really get to see any great landmarks that you would expect when taking a vacation. As well, most people ended up paying just as much due to all the junk they bought.

As the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. It does make me wonder how companies can survive with this type of tactic these days as I am pretty sure there must always be someone carrying like a video capture phone who would document everything which would make the business look really bad.

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