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The Risk of Not Wanting To Expand Outside of What You Know

I was thinking a lot lately about a person who has been teaching people for years in regards to some self-defence techniques where for the most part it can be effective if done right. Lately his style has been in the spotlight as people have been trying to prove that the system is useless in actual real world combat. While I would say it is more about the person to determine what is good the interesting thing was how he immediately swayed off everything as if what he knows is the best and has no real flaws. That to me was troubling.

Many times we often see big companies just lose their market share because they simply refuse to expand and do evolve into a more modern day company. As a result the smaller people then get the opportunity to come in and take the rug from under them. I think like with the above example it’s important to constantly rethink what you know while constantly trying to learn what is new and how you can apply it to your existing repertoire.

If you think about it too even from a service point of view here you want to prepare people for modern day scenarios. I would imagine maybe way back not very many people knew how to fight as an example whereas nowadays with schools everywhere the likelihood of people having some form a training means everyone needs to evolve. Otherwise you are essentially training to deal with scenarios that no longer exist.

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