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Ridiculous Twelve Thousand Dollar Walmart Christmas Tree Price

Although Christmas has passed this is actually a good time to buy any Christmas related items for the one coming up if you want to save money on things like decorations. Because you know when the time comes more people will want to buy it and the prices will likely be higher. But as I saw this one Christmas tree on Walmart it was listed as over $12,000. Who in e right mind would pay that much for a fake Christmas tree?

Now granted by the looks of it the item is listed by a third party seller as opposed to Walmart itself. It makes you wonder if anyone would actually pay this price. Funny enough there is even a review below where the comment says “Hands down the best purchase I’ve made in my whole life.”

I genuinely do wonder if people ever actually click the purchase button when people price items like this and under what circumstance. Would someone think it is a higher quality item because of the price tag?

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