Ridiculous In Store And Online Price Difference
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Ridiculous In Store And Online Price Difference

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I was hearing about this new book called Hatching Twitter which got me kind of interested and so I decided to visit a book store called Chapters here to see the price of it. They have these computer terminals where you could search for the books and the prices for it. As you can see it was listed for about $31 at the store.

As usual, I decided to check online to see what better deals there were. I didn’t even have to look very far as what I did first was look at Chapter’s very own online site. As you can see, they sell it there for $19.44.

That is a pretty big difference and the funny thing is the stores won’t price match their own prices. So I ended up not buying it from there while holding off my purchase as maybe I can get a better deal elsewhere.

It did make me think how silly it is to have that high of a price difference between one’s retail and online operations. I know a retail business is more expensive due to things like rent, but when it comes to prices they should be consistently similar I think. It just makes me wonder how that retail store even stays in business and why people would pay that much more when the product is so much cheaper online.

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  • Anne 12/6/2022

    I had this exact same experience today. Was actually holding the book at the cash register….nope I need to go home, order it, have it wrapped and shipped for free to the store where I already was, so they can give it to me over the same counter and I save $7.00!!! Stupid and wasteful

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