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Researching A Company’s Entire Product Lineup For Value

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Today I was researching for a portable lighting solution for my DSLR camera and there were a lot of options. First my search introduced me to things like ring lights where everything seemed to be in the $100 to $200 range. I then saw this interesting LED light product under the name Neewer where some of their lights were in the $30 range that many people seemed to like.

At first I saw a lot of videos about a model dubbed as “CN-160” which seemed to be in the $30 range. While that seemed okay, normally my price evaluation process leads me to try and research the company’s entire lineup to get a better sense of what is the best for a good long-term purchase. Sure enough, I then saw models such as a “CN-216” for about $50 and then a “CN-304” for like $90.

I personally think this should be on everyone’s to do list before they make a semi big purchase as many times we simply compare prices that we see on the shelf which doesn’t tell us enough about the best current market value product for your dollar. That would mainly just tell you the best value that say the store is offering at the moment. Not only that, you sure learn a lot about the options that are available to you which in-turn helps you to be a better shopper I say.

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