Requiring Others To Write Your Opinion And Findings

Requiring Others To Write Your Opinion And Findings

I was reading about a product recently where it was in a fairly competitive industry. For one reason or another one company’s marketing strategy seemed to have generated so much more buzz than everyone else where people of course then try and find out why. The interesting thing was that the only real source that tried to thoroughly analyze the company’s offerings was a competitor. If you went to news and other media sites they all just said the same stuff where they thought the product was going to be revolutionary.

The interesting thing was that this company decided to post its findings and opinions through its own company site. The response they got was interesting as their own customers were telling them how they didn’t want to hear about competitor products or that the company just sounded bitter because they didn’t generate the same level of buzz. Of course they mentioned that they felt it was a sense of duty of sorts to call a duck for what it is I guess you can say where they felt people were being duped.

For myself I am usually open t hearing any information where afterwards I try and make my own decision once you try and add everything up. But in his case even if the company was 100% accurate about its finding of the competitor it’s almost like they are being punished for it. It kind of made me think how business wise maybe sometimes it’s better to just give all of your findings to a third party of sorts to research where hopefully they will do it instead.

I suppose if you think about it that is why many times too businesses would say support various organizations where it’s like they are hoping with that relationship they can get someone else to do the things that they would want to do without the immediate scrutiny of who’s giving out those facts per se. I guess sometimes it would make sense from a business point of view. Then again, if your company or whatever ends up being 100% right that would sure boost one’s trust profile with the public too.

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