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Requiring A Professional Trainer or Just Doing It

Recently a friend of mine has been wanting to get more active in an effort to lose weight and to be healthier. My suggestion was to just start walking and one of his first reaction was that he needed to hire a personal trainer. To me I was wondering what is the point of spending money on a personal trainer to teach you how to walk? The reasoning as that hiring the personal trainer should theoretically mean you can exercise efficiently.

So while discussing about this I told him to install a walking app and as we talked about this we would walk. In my mind it is more about developing a habit. Paying money in this case I feel is more about having someone to hold you accountable. For this person too money is an issue so you would imagine one would want to save as much as possible. As I was walking with him he was also semi distracted by playing Pokémon Go at the same time. The only real hard part of it for him was that I said he needed to stay at the same pace as myself.

A little over an hours later we actually walked a circle around a park and back to his car where he walked almost 5000 steps. I was then saying to him in a joking way that I was his personal trainer to imply that you really just need to get going and doing stuff like this. Spending money on like a trainer shouldn’t be the key reason to get you to do things. Maybe to help you be more efficient but you need to find the motivation yourself I feel to get you to actually do things. Saves you a lot of money this way too.

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