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Repackaging Old Work During Different Periods

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In many industries that are entertainment based nostalgic work can be valued a lot by people. One example that made me think of this is seeing all the video games being released for smartphones where they were made over three decades ago for things such as home gaming consoles. Under regular circumstances you would think that the graphics and sound are just too outdated. But for the on the go market it’s perfect. It’s almost like a company just printing money as all the hard work is already done.

This can even hold true for things such as photos that were taking years ago. Despite the bad quality compared to today’s standard it can often act like some kind of collectible that people are willing to invest into. Even for more recent items a complete rebranding can often turn things around as well. Restaurants can be an example where some people think their recipes need to be redone when sometimes it’s just about rebranding their business to connect with a modern day audience.

Don’t underestimate how many hidden gems you have just collecting dust and waiting to be reintroduce to a new generation.

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