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Remembering There Are Probably A Ton of People Just Like You Looking For A Solution

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Today I decided to attend a language class to brush up on some skills and there was actually quite a bit of people. A person was asking me at the end of the day on how many there were as they didn’t think there would be a lot. Once I told them they were kind of surprised at how many people attended that kind of had the same idea as I did.

It made me think how many times when people think of some kind of idea to pursue they automatically disqualify it where they assume they are the only one’s in the world who would be interested in such a thing. Therefore they never bother to even put something out there to see what happens. Like in these examples though odds are there are a ton of people out there who are just like yourself and would love whatever it is that you are thinking.

I suppose we all have to learn not to let the market tell you what they want and don’t want in many ways. To do that you have to give things a chance.

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