Remembering Not To Get Hyped By Black Friday Sales Savings
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Remembering Not To Get Hyped By Black Friday Sales Savings

So I was eyeing a digital memory card for my drone as I decided I needed something faster with more storage. There was one particular item I was interested in where the price was going to go down to about $39.99 which wasn’t too bad. I was debating on whether to order it online or at a store as the price was the same except at a store I could get it right away. I decided to go to the store today as I figured if the price was right may as well avoid the crowd tomorrow for this and get it right away.

As I arrived I saw a couple of ladies with a note wondering which memory card to buy for another person. They seemed confused and so I mentioned it was probably the same one I was looking for. The lady was happy as it was indeed the one she was looking for. She then said she was actually looking to buy over twenty of them or so which definitely shocked me.

Now this is pretty common when people see a huge savings from a original price tag. In this case it was indicated that you would save about $40. That is quite a bit of money.


But as I usually say you shouldn’t take the savings labels like these too seriously as often they can be way higher than they should. For example, look at this sale price for the exact same item:


Same price but this indicates you are saving $6. This is a more regular retail price too from my experience. Would you still be hyped up to buy a ton of them with that amount of savings instead? Be an educated consumer and you can save a lot of money all year round instead.

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