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Remembering A Job Well Done

I was kind of surprised today as I received a phone call from a person whom I’ve worked with in the past when it came to an event. For the most part I did it for fun and enjoyed what I was doing. Interestingly enough, apparently he needed help for a new project and expressed how he immediately contacted me as based on past experiences he felt this would be an ideal fit.

That made me think and re-affirm where many times if you are looking for opportunities in whatever it may be then just being active in the industry and making sure that you are giving your best will usually result in more opportunities in the future. Even if say the pay isn’t necessarily that great, just getting your name out there can go a long way. I can think of many times too where I know friends who simply volunteered their time in various events to then have people contacting them and asking if they would want to work with them.

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