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Relying Solely On The Service Provider To Explain About Product Pricing

I was listening to a commotion today about a restaurant dinner booking for a part as the meal itself for two tabled would be about $320. While it did come with items like lobster it was suggested that maybe they should change it to crab instead. This was the surprising part. The restaurant mentioned that to change it to a crab it would be $60 more on top of what they were already paying. The explanation given from the business is that apparently the crab is heavier than lobster and so by weight alone the crab is more expensive.

That made absolutely no sense in my mind as from my observations anyways lobster is generally more expensive than crab whether it be in most restaurant s or even from the supermarket. Of course I am not an expert in the topic but I think it is safe to say that explanation just doesn’t seem to be true. It made me think how when it comes to shopping and spending money you should always have at least some kind of knowledge of what you are getting outside of what the business itself tells you.

This reminds me of why people often hate say commissioned sales people as you are often told things that may not be entirely true for the sake of generating more sales. It would be nice to just walk into a business and simply pay money without thinking too much. But in examples like these there are no real shortcut from educating yourself a little about your purchase to have more money at the end of the day. Businesses are there to make money don’t forget that as I have often found that even when it comes to employees many are trained more to sell than to be knowledgeable about the products. There are exceptions of course, but that is the norm.

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