Relying On Most People To Be Honest In An Automated Operation

Relying On Most People To Be Honest In An Automated Operation

The other day a friend asked me if I knew how much a large size supermarket made every day. At first I was guessing about $200,000 but apparently I was way off as it was actually in the millions. That seemed kind of crazy to think about. That then brought up the topic of automatic self-check outs and how it’s cheaper for the business. I was then saying there must be a lot of fraud with those things. For example, how can the machine know if you chose the organic apple versus the non organic one? Like there people could easily game the systemto get the cheaper price.

He then expressed how while that is true the majority of people are honest and the business still ends up saving money. In many ways the business just accepts the loss as a regular expense of sort as the money they bring in from having the system in general more than makes up for it. That definitely wouldn’t go too well for a smaller business of course if you don’t exactly do really large volumes of sale.

It’s an interesting thought though to not really care too much of the dishonest people as opposed to dumping in a lot of resources to try and stop them. I suppose it’s kind of like a retail store that gives a fussy customer something at a loss just because the time in dealing with them isn’t worth it.

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