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Relying On People’s Time As Debt Too

I heard an interesting comment the other day where a person was saying how they had all their finances under control where it seems like their monthly income seemed adequate for things like their mortgage and food needs. With that in mind he was semi criticizing others who seemed to rely on some kind of income assistance in life such as from their parents.

A funny point came up with that as people were then criticizing him back saying he is kind of on an income assistance too where he has children and is reliant on their grandparents to take care of them while he goes to work. So if you add in the cost of daycare that he would have normally had to pay it would almost be the same thing as he wouldn’t be able to meet his mortgage normally as a result.

Would you consider that as a financial debt of sort too in that scenario where you still need to find a way to pay it off, so to speak? I think for myself in many ways I would where when it comes to budgeting as a result I would still think of it as I need to generate enough money to pay the person as well. It’s similar to if you were living for free in another person’s house where if you make enough to pay the monthly groceries but not enough for like rent if you did have to pay for it then you are not in a sense debt free. You never know when you may lose that free aid or resource too.

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