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Recording Digitally Instead of Taking Notes To Save Money And Resources

I am going to be attending a class tomorrow to learn some stuff and it was suggested that people bring a pen and paper to write down any notes that they may find useful. I was thinking, am I the only one who has opted to simply digitally record stuff instead nowadays? Like a funny example before was that I was in a meeting and the presenter was writing various information on a projector. Many people would whip out like a pen and paper and proceed to copy it. For myself, I just took out my phone and took a picture of the projection with the notes on it. I even asked one guy why he didn’t do that where he then looked at me sarcastically and in a joking way told me to stop making so much sense.

I just find it a waste of money having to use paper in these instances. It’s almost like how I don’t get why some people are using fax machines still where the only reason I would ever use one is because a company or organization insists in doing so. I often do that for like e-mail instructions well. Instead of printing it out I often just take a picture of the necessary information to look at if needed while traveling.

Just a habit you need to develop. I don’t how much money you can truly save in a year by doing so, but you at least have to carry less stuff as well.

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