Recognizing That People Can Mislead About Results

Recognizing That People Can Mislead About Results

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Imagine there was a person who started a business where like many trying to attract customers to their business is probably a huge challenge. For example sake let’s use a restaurant. You spent all that time making the best menu in the city and feel that people should be lining up through the block for your grand opening. However, when the day comes you just get what you feel was an okay result. Reason being is that you know someone else that opened up a restaurant of the same type and based on all the social media posts they had so many people lining up. That then made you and others evaluate why they did so much better.

Was it because their menu was that much better? Did their design choices just attract more people? These are the things the person just starts questioning. But for this example the reality is that other restaurant actually paid a company to essentially fake the lineups. This was done simply for marketing because when people see a lineup they will be inclined to want to find out why. As well, it projects the sense of greatness when people see these photos online.

So imagine that where the poor guy is self-doubting and questioning his decisions based solely on the fact that he was comparing his results to what is essentially a fake one. Many times it can be better to not focus too much on others as opposed to just focusing on what you need to do. Because like here it actually happens very often where people who seem to experience a surge of success are often orchestrating it like some illusion trick that a magician does to woo you.

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