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Receiving Your Benefit Immediately As Well

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I had an interesting scenario happen today where it was requested that I offer some services for a person that would require about two hours or so. When I was thinking about it the request made no sense from a financial point of view as the job would take too long to do it myself. The person still insisted that I do it if I could regardless as ultimately it was more of a way to help him right away where the gain for myself is still a gamble.

I was thinking here that this situation often happens a lot and is one of the mistakes I have constantly made doing a freelancing type of lifestyle. Basically, I always believed that if you just do good things, so to speak, then eventually you will get the same in return. It just doesn’t work that way in a business environment in most cases I found. Usually people attempt to do things that benefit them right away as that is their main focus. So in the sense of just treating things as business you should expect your compensation right away per se as well.

It’s just kind of funny too as these are usually the types of advice most people will tell you early on. But like for myself many people don’t actually take it to heart until they experience it themselves. It makes me wonder in many ways if schools should be teaching people scenarios like these to better prepare people for a real world business environment of sorts.

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