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Reaping The Benefits of An Action After the Fact

So I was reading a lot of drone related news today and I saw something interesting. There is a big Youtuber named Casey Neistat who is known for flying a ton of drones where he often crashes them a lot. As well he apparently flew them in areas where they are not supposed to be allowed. The funny thing is he was doing it for years and nothing has really happened to him. So he was essentially benefiting from it all these years as no one else would dare to do that.

So today it was interesting o hear that after all these years he was actually being investigated for it and so as a result in his newest video he had to actually find a safe place to fly. It kind of made me think of the thought on how so many people do things that that are technically outside the law where they reap the benefit to it where when they get to a certain point the punishment is probably nothing in comparison to what they have gained.

Kind of odd in many ways business wise too where it’s almost like at times following the rules by the book doesn’t seem to get the results as those who don’t. I think the common examples that I often hear are say even people who do things say illegally to stay at a country where they find success. Even though it is completely illegal once they “make it” it doesn’t really matter anymore as to how they got there in those cases.

Business is such an odd thing when you think about it in those ways huh? Then again who knows what kind of punishment this person will get. It will be interesting though.

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