Realizing How Many Things You Can Get For Free If You Look Around A Little
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Realizing How Many Things You Can Get For Free If You Look Around A Little

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Today I was at the annual fair and there was a moment where I thought getting something to drink and eat would be nice. However, the prices are usually a major turn off for me such as seeing how a bottle of water costs about $4. As a result that often stops me from making a purchase. That’s when it came to my mind that there are usually a ton of stuff you can get for free even in places like this.

The best example was there was actually an area where as long as you have your own bottle you can get water for free. So why spend $4 for some in that case? I would rather go buy a bottle and fill that up. That then made me think you could get free stuff at the marketplace where people companies are advertising its business. For example, there is a section that was displaying high end blenders and they would often make samples and then give it to the crowd to drink for free.

If you walk around outside more as well there were a ton of businesses giving away food as well. You could literally just get free stuff by walking around in that case. Of course it’s not the lavish and unique items you would expect from a fair but in terms of the basics there are often an abundance of ways to get it for free. Because again the idea of paying say $4 for water is a little hard to swallow.

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