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When You Realize You Are Paying For Artificial Food And Beverages

artificial juice

Today I was just invited to go to a buffet which happened to be inside a casino. The person I went with really wanted to use this two for one coupon and so I agreed. Initially my thought was since this buffet was inside a casino I was expecting it to have higher quality items compared to a standard buffet. This was the funny part. I thought that maybe they would have some fresh juice and so I looked at the options. The only thing they had were “fruit flavored” drinks and there was a message clearly stating that it contains “0% juice.” It’s almost like drinking a soda in many ways. So there went my thought of having high quality options.

It made me think how if you saw that message in the supermarket on various drinks would you still actually buy it? I know for me I would most likely opt to spend a little more to get the “real stuff.” Or like for myself I usually don’t mind just buying like the fruits and vegetables to make my own. This is one of the scenarios for me when it comes to money and shopping that many times just getting the cheapest option is probably not the best idea for your health. That’s why too I think it’s important for everyone to invest some time to research your area and find the best deals for the “real” stuff.

It’s kind of crazy in many ways on how our shopping habits can change if we truly saw labels this apparent as we usually just tend to be fixated about the price.

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