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Reading How People Feel Betrayed That The Company Sears Canada is Closing

This story was eventually coming as during the year the retail company Sears Canada has been closing various stores where all signs were pointing that the entire company was probably closing down. Sure enough today it was reported that pretty much all of the remaining stores will soon go into liquidation mode as I guess you can say they are going bankrupt.

That then brought up a lot of articles how there are of course unfortunately thousands of people who will lose their jobs now. What was a little interesting to me though was how many of those people felt betrayed by the company as they had hopes that it would somehow survive through these tough times for them. But because of that they all now need to find other types of work.

I don’t know how I would feel if a business I was working for had to close down where they simply aren’t bringing in the profits. I tend to try and look at things from all perspectives of course. At the same time I think this is just an example how if you are working at a job mainly just for money that you should always have some kind of alternative stream of income because you just never know at times like these. A company is often just looking out for its own bottom line and so should you too in many ways I feel. Does that make you disloyal to the company if you were always doing something on the side too?

Like there I think it depends such as if you were doing something in direct competition with them. That I would say is a conflict of interest in many cases. But if it’s honest additional work to support yourself to not be reliant on a company then why not? Because like here eventually you will be the one responsible to take care of yourself.

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