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Reacting To Another Company’s Business Blunders

I was reading news today on how Delta Airlines is apparently offering customers up to $10,000 as a form of compensation if they need someone to voluntarily go on a different flight. As you may all know United Airlines had that incident recently where they offered people $800 and no one was enticed to do it. At $10,000 though how many people do you think would run to the front of the line for that?

This is kind of a smart move for Delta I think business wise as even if they never actually have to offer such an amount they are basically capitalizing on the bad publicity that United Airlines is getting at the moment. I know many times when things like this happen the media are quick to try and find other organizations who work in the industry to get their thoughts. Similar to there the businesses can essentially use the bad press that another company is getting to further themselves.

From a consumer point of view I do find it a little funny as of course you know the exact reason why the company did this. But I suppose many time in business it’s about taking advantage of those opportunities.

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