Quality Based Solely On Price
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Quality Based Solely On Price

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I heard a person talk today on how she was comparing a bunch of companies to paint the building. As usual, the choices ranged from the very cheap to the very expensive companies. Eventually she decided to go with the middle of the road based mainly on price. I always find that a bit dangerous when you look at products or services and assume that the price of the item is directly related to the quality of it. In this case the company ended up being a dud and did a bad job.

I usually find for myself when it comes to things like electronics the initial thought is if the item is more expensive then it should be automatically better than the other items around it. However, that of course isn’t always true as many times it could be the marketing of the item you are paying for or that it is simply priced the way it is because the company believes you will pay X amount for it as long as they get your hot buttons.

I think sunglasses are probably the best example as those things cost so little yet people pay an extremely premium price for the item believing the quality must be so much better than everything else. If you compare it to some really cheap ones most likely the cost to build it is probably very similar. There is no substitution for old fashion research here basically.

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