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Putting Too Many Things On Sale

I found this kind of interesting where there was a store that used signage to tell you that items were on sale just like most stores you would see. Except in this case it seems like everything was marked on sale to the point that it seemed like they were just regular prices. I know for myself too that if there was a very good deal hidden somewhere that walking past all these sale signs kind of distracts me from paying attention to what the business wants me to buy.

It’s is a little different though if it was like say an online store as there are at least search engines and such. But even for that I would say having too many things on sale at once can in many was distract people’s attention and maybe spreading them out a bit would be better. Unless this is like a specific day that people have the mentality in expecting everything to be on sale like A Black Friday as people are in a buying frenzy mood already.

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