Putting Branding On Everything Possible or Not

Putting Branding On Everything Possible or Not

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Usually when people buy some kind of expensive item they want the whole world to know that the product they are carrying is very valuable as a status symbol. So having things like company branding on it is a want for many. Today I saw people giving away free masks and they actually had printed branding on them. These were reusable too so if people actually wore them regularly that’s free advertising.

But many times nowadays I noticed people actually try and get rid of the branding. For example, expensive sunglasses often have logos on them where in many cases it is right on the lens. So some people actually just take a penny and rub it on the lens to remove the logo. The most common reason I hear is that people don’t want to give free advertising to the company for a product they paid for.

It’s too common for a lot of items such as a vehicle. But for other items I wonder if it is going too far such as video cameras that actually stick company logos into the videos. This is a product you fully paid for as well. Although the only type of cameras I see force this upon users is home security cameras as an example where most people don’t care. So knowing that as a company would you stick it on for the free advertising?

I know if it was for an actual video camera you would use for work then for sure I would think that would be a no buy scenario.

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