Pushing For Deals That Are Too Good or Not
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Pushing For Deals That Are Too Good or Not

There are a lot of undiscovered sales in supermarkets usually where the price of the item is so cheap that you have to assume it is an error of sort. For example, bags of candy that normally cost two dollars ring up for maybe two cents. Usually though this can be a result of the businesses trying to clearance the item. However, I was reading stories recently of customers who tried to process such purchases only to then have staff members tell the that they can’t buy it at that price as it is clearly an error.

Of course the price is too hard to believe, but in many cases if they rang it up and it was labelled as such then the customer has every right to purchase it at that price. But since they were refusing to process the transaction, the person decided to get very confrontational with them in an effort to get them to honour their prices. That made some people say how it’s clearly an error for it to be that cheap. Therefore, one should just move on. Others say it’s the principles of the situation.

Would you fight the business to the end to get the discount in these cases or would you feel it’s simply not worth it?

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