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Purposely Starting With Low Quality Equipment That Does The Job

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It seems like with about two weeks into the new years a lot of people are already slowly dropping out of their new year’s resolutions. A lot of the resolutions I saw was simply about doing one thing a day in terms of creating exposure for a business. That means posting in social media and creating content for it. The biggest reason it seems that people say they couldn’t is because they didn’t have the right gear. They felt it would look unprofessional and so they hold off.

It’s probably just a mindset thing but I usually prefer to try and do as much as I can with as little as possible. It’s a good way to teach you to be more resourceful while forcing you to eliminate those excuses. Everyone started somewhere as an example where funny enough even for social media stuff a lot of people started with just their phone.

Unless the job or goal you are doing specifically requires a certain spec why wouldn’t you want to go with the best valued option that gets the job done?

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