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Purchasing Habits With Items That May Cause Cancer

There was a lot of news today on how The World Health Organization has declared popular food items such as bacon and sausage as a possible link to cancer. It seemed to deal with processed red meat overall too. This kind of reminded me on how when I was down in California it seemed like almost everything was labelled as being made with potential cancer causing materials as you can see. It made me wonder, does stuff like this genuinely deter you from purchasing or consuming these types of items?


I am no doctor and so for the most part the science behind why something would be attributed to causing cancer is beyond me. It does have a psychological effect on me personally though when I shop for items. Although, when it comes to things like say a container I usually prefer to get glass over plastic even before all of the health worries started to arise.

In some ways it kind of makes me think of things like when it comes to juicing apples. I read that the seeds are actually bad for you and so you should take it out if you are doing raw juicing. However, others say the amount is so small that it should have no real impact to an average person. Would the general rule of moderation is the key in these instances?

I am inclined to think you can’t ever be 100% safe and these kinds of news can often get people to buy completely new items while change their lifestyle habit. There wouldn’t really be any way around it other than spending a lot of money to replace everything or simply taking the risk.

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