Purchasing Decisions Based On Doctor or Media Advice Coronavirus Face Mask
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Purchasing Decisions Based On Doctor or Media Advice Coronavirus Face Mask

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With all that news about the Coronavirus virus recently there seems to be a battle between information you just randomly see posted on various media pages versus what scientists and doctors are saying. Around here apparently it got so out of hand that organizations tried to publish articles related to the virus and whether or not buying expensive overprices masks work.

This was from the BC Center of disease control and what they had to say about the virus:

-There are several misconceptions on social media currently around how coronavirus is transmitted. Please allow us to clear it up
-Receptors for #coronavirus are deep in a person’s lungs – a person must inhale enough of the virus that it can actually bind to those receptors deep in the lungs.

-Coronavirus is transmitted via larger droplets that fall quickly out of the air (for example, after a sneeze). This virus is not airborne.

-Coronavirus is not something that people can get from casual contact. A person must be in close contact (within 2 metres) with somebody to be able to inhale those droplets if a person coughs or sneezes without cover, in front of them.

-The droplets can fall to the ground after a sneeze and a person can touch them with their hands. The risk of transmission is low in this case, as those droplets must be of significant enough quantity to make it to the receptors in a person’s lungs.

-If a person has touched something that has droplets on it with coronavirus in it, as long as they clean their hands before touching their face or your mouth, they are not at risk of getting that virus in their body. #2019nCoV

-Coronavirus is not something that comes in through the skin. This virus is remitted through large droplets that are breathed deep into a person’s lungs.

-Regarding wearing masks – masks should be used by sick people to prevent transmission to other people. A mask will help keep a person’s droplets in.

-It may be less effective to wear a mask in the community when a person is not sick themselves. Masks may give a person a false sense of security & are likely to increase the number of times a person will touch their own face – to adjust the mask, etc.

-The most important thing that a person can do to prevent themselves from getting coronavirus is to wash their hands regularly and avoid touching their face.

-Cover your mouth when you cough so you’re not exposing other people. If you are sick yourself, stay away from others. Contact your health care provider ahead of time so you can be safely assessed.

-Lots of questions whether coronavirus can be spread through the eyes, nose and throat. Answer is YES! Virus is transmitted via larger droplets. If they come into contact with your eyes or are inhaled into your mouth or nose, they can enter from there too.

So one of the most profitable items for resellers at the moment are face masks. A lot of them are selling it like some high ticket item too at the back of vehicles in various places for a high price due to demand. But like here would you actually base your decisions on official sources or what most people are thinking instead?

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