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Purchases Based On Quick Recommendations

This was kind of funny as imagine you were buying a show for a person as the previous one you bought them broke. So for the next gift giving occasion you decide to buy another shoe but not the same brand since it didn’t seem reliable. When you arrive you didn’t really do any research so you just relied on what the sales associate tells you. Once you make the purchase and give the gift you realize it was the exact same shoe you have purchased before.

This was actually a real scenario I just saw which was funny in the sense of the blooper purchase but this is a very common scenario when shopping for things that we don’t exactly have a lot of knowledge on. For myself I consider purchases like a show to be more long-term so I am inclined to research it ahead of time as opposed to relying on what someone tells me quickly. Unless it is something quick like a place to eat or you absolutely need a tool right now.

I haven’t kept track of how many times in the based I bought things that were 100% just based on quick online review recommendations for example where the item turned out to be not too good. This example was pretty unique though as I never saw anything like that.

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