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Publishing Information And Media Press Yourself

For a lot of businesses they often the welcome getting media exposure for their work and services as this usually translates to free advertising for them which in turn should generate more sales. So it’s not uncommon for a business owner to try and send samples and press kits to news outlets in hopes that they will be interested enough to do a report about it.

This got me thinking as I was walking by what seemed to be a protest today and you saw a ton of media outlets filming the event. A lot of others were just filming it with their smartphones as well and there seemed to be a huge distrust against the mainstream media at his event. That’s when one person yelled out something along the lines of they knew that they the media was going to spin it in a bad way and that there will be thousands of regular citizen videos to show what it was really like.

So what that made me think of is how in business you have so many tools nowadays to essentially create your own platform to tell the world about whatever it is you offer without having to rely on someone to give you the chance to be mentioned on their platform. For example, if you have your own company site just creating a very compelling video, publishing and sharing it can the lead to generating thousands of organic views.

If it gets big enough then all the media outlets will have to pay attention. I think that is better than just hoping someone in a big company will give you the time of day. In many ways the average person using social media is the media too when you think about it. That should mean even a business can be their own large source to spread information.

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