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A Protest To Drink Beer On Beaches Makes You Think About Doing Unthinkable Things

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Today I read some interesting news where on a beach here in Vancouver there were a bunch of people who were openly drinking beer at the beaches even though it is technically illegal. They were doing this as a form of protest to say that it should be perfectly legal for people to have a drink where in many cases people are doing it anyways.

The funny thing was the organizers apparently contacted the police and all ahead of time to tell them that they were going to do this. In the end the police didn’t care as well as the general public. So I guess you can say they got their message across. What this made me think of is how often times people would say you have to take a huge risk in business in order to get huge rewards. At the same time most people wouldn’t do it because of that.

This is a funny example as they kind of did everything openly where you would normally assume people would keep quiet. But instead they broadcasted it to everyone where if the authorities wanted to they could go in and stop them all. It’s very counter intuitive if you think about it. While obviously in this case there were odds that nothing would happen it kind of makes you think how sometimes you need to be an innovator of sort and try things even though it may not seem entirely proper.

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