Promoting VS Just Great Work

Promoting VS Just Great Work

I thought I would do a little experiment the other day where for one project I did I thought it had a lot of potential where I usually have the mentality of if it is truly that great then everyone should just naturally support it. However, it wasn’t really getting any kind of traction. So trying something a little different I actually publicized in on various places where I felt people would be interested in it. It got some attention but nothing too big. But one thing was it caught the attention of some big sources as people are often on the lookout for specific types of new stuff. So that was a good boost.

While there definitely are a lot times where just making something great can naturally generate a ton of buzz and awareness for a product or service I thought this was a good example on how many times you also have to focus a lot of energy as well to get the stuff in-front of people. The usually say if you build it they will come but many times you aren’t the only one where you need to stand out as well.

That is why it can be good to have others who specialize in specific categories too such as the common mixing up the team of the inventor with the business guy.

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