Professional Realtor Stealing Client’s Food
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Professional Realtor Stealing Client’s Food

Well this was kind of an odd read. Usually when people are looking to sell a home they would hire a realtor. This involves a lot of trust as the realtor has access to the home in order to conduct showings. So it’s up to them to hopefully take care of the place as well. Apparently for one person they caught their realtor stealing fruits from the family garden. They seemed to have captured video of it and also claim that the realtor even brought a bag to take more and encouraged potential buyers to take some and eat it as well.

You can imagine that is pretty embarrassing to be caught and the company then issued this statement:

realtor stealing


Richmond Office: 6047690111 Vancouver Office: 6047601111
Letter of Apologies

On behalf of Luxmore Realty, my team members and I extend our sincerest apologies for the terrible experience one of our clients had with our real estate agent Peter T. Yang.
I understand that Peter made a really irresponsible and unprofessional behavior during last Saturday’s home showing. I deeply apologize to the homeowner and her family members who were offended by such behavior.

Peter also feels guilty and regrets his mistakes. He is now in the process of making an official apology to the homeowner and also providing them with compensation. Meanwhile, our company will also strengthen all sorts of training, especially educating about property privacy.
We deeply apologize for Peter’s behavior and we will learn from our mistakes. We take full responsibility for what we did. And we hope the homeowners and the public to forgive us this time.
Luxmore Realty Managing Broker

Charles Zhou

Is that any worse than opening someone’s fridge and then helping yourself to everything that is there without consent? I am actually interested if a professional could ever truly recover from a PR disaster like this as one would probably always be remembered as the guy that steals per se. Especially in this case where taking a single item is one thing, but bringing in a bag as if you are grocery shopping for free is another.

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