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Pricey Food That Makes You Think About Money

In the midst of looking at all the upcoming Black Friday sales I saw this one at Costco for something called a “Turducken” as you can see here:


Based on this, the regular price is supposed to be $129.99 and it will be $30 off on Black Friday. Even with the savings, I can’t help to think how financially you can buy so much food with $100. Of course I assume you are essentially paying for the novelty of the item where this is probably meant for special occasions. Constantly shopping for the best deals though automatically makes me think of how far your dollar can go food wise if you were to take the novelty factor away.

Again though, I think it’s good to see stuff like this too. The more you expose yourself to the different prices for items out there the faster you will build a knowledge base that will naturally pop up to help you spend your money wisely. People might not believe it, but you do need to train your brain to make you spend responsibly.

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