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Price Matching The Same Company

I thought this was kind of funny today as I saw a deal on a printer where one company was selling it for about $80 and the other one was selling it for about $100. As usual, companies have a price protection policy and so if you bring the advertisement to the company selling it for $100 they will probably knock it down to say $78. What’s interesting in this case is that while the two companies are different in name they are actually owned by the same parent company.

Many times people tell me that if two businesses are owned by the same company there is no point in looking at both stores as both of them will have the same prices anyways. I often found that to not be the case. While granted a lot of the items are the same they usually alternate in terms of sales. So at minimum you can take advantage of price matching option like this. Another way I think about is it is almost like every store having different manager sales.

It does make me wonder from a business point of view if they anticipate these price matches from savvy shoppers ahead of time.

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