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Price Differences From Different Stores

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I went to like three different Target stores today as I was told that there were some interesting deals in each location. It was very weird too as usually stores like these all share the same deals in an effort to remain consistent with the flyers. However, for many items the stores literally had different prices if you used the price scanners. I was telling a friend about this and she responded immediately where she already knew this based on the US stores.

Apparently she mentioned that the company prices its products based on the area where the store is at. For example, a statistically more wealthy and populated area would have higher prices. While this is very common in smaller areas with local businesses, I didn’t expect this with larger businesses. Especially in these cases where the stores are like a 20 minute commute apart from each other.

Kind of makes me wonder if I should always go to the stores further away from the big city now to get better deals as in these cases it’s not like you are commuting for hours. And to see differences like a $99 item being $69 is pretty substantial.

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