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Did The Previous Bad Amazon Prime Sale Discourage You From Attending Again

amazon prime 2016

I have been seeing a ton of ads lately advertising Amazon’s Prime Day which is coming up on July 12th. This sale was hyped up to the extreme last year where I think it is safe to say that as a consumer it was a bust for the majority. Although funny enough the company itself was stating how it was such a big success. It made me wonder, does last year’s failure discourage you from seeing what they have this year?

For me personally I did walk away with some good deals. Though even I admit most of the deals didn’t seem very good and the stuff I got seemed to be an error of some sort. Last year was a little different too as I just tried its free trial offer so it wasn’t a big deal. This year I would actually have the buy the membership though. So that kind of factors in to the skipping the event side.

Maybe it’s just me but I am always curious in trying to find deals from as sales event regardless of how bad a company did previously. If anything it just makes me want to spend less time on it. If I was one to line it in the early morning as an example before then now I would probably just drop in whenever. I always find that people will usually always check what a company has to offer regardless of past experiences. So in some ways it’s like a company has infinite chances to try and impress where it only takes one good sale to redeem oneself.

Of course that wouldn’t be good in the long run for the business to constantly have bad big sales. I would imagine as even for myself I would be less inclined to shop with them for just everyday stuff where they would more likely generate more profit from consumers that way. In that sense it surprises me when businesses advertise a big sale only for it to fail to deliver where the effect is more long term.

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