Pre-Order For The Free Offers or Wait For A Better Sale Price
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Pre-Order For The Free Offers or Wait For A Better Sale Price

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I was following some news of the mobile phones being announced today. One topic that was prevalent was news about the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and how if you pre-order it now you could get like one hundred dollar plus worth of VR gear for free. While the price itself hasn’t been announced yet, my assumption is that this phone will probably be like eight hundred dollars Canadian all in without a contract. That then made me think financially even with the free gear would it be better off just waiting for a sale to arrive if the purpose was to get the best value?

I usually only pre-order items if I am offered some kind of big savings on the item itself or if I am specifically going to get some kind of limited edition item that I want. Usually for offers where they say they will throw things in like accessories for free I often find that the value of those items are extremely marked up to make it sound better than it really is. Example, with cell phones I often see people say they will throw in a car charger where the original value is thirty dollars or something like that.

I suppose the thing is if you were already tempted to get something on like the first day of release then these kinds of offers can essentially convince you that it is silly not to. Especially with tech items though, don’t forget how fast they drop in price. Something that is like one thousand dollars today could easily be like five hundred dollars in like a year or so. Imagine having that kind of buyer’s remorse for larger valued items like a car.

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