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Pre-Cut Fruit Prices

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While at the supermarket the other day I walked past a section that had all these pre-cut fruits and vegetables for sale. I always felt that these were overpriced compared to simply buying the product fresh and slicing it yourself. So for fun since the first thing I saw was pre-cut pineapple I went to see how much you could buy a regular pineapple for. The difference was pretty dramatic.

Just incase you can’t read the package, it says that the packaged pineapple was $11 per kg and that the actual weight of it was 0.374kg. So ultimately that little package was selling at $4.11. As you can see too, the same place was selling a whole pineapple for $1.96. You’d probably have to buy at least two or three of those packages to come close to what you can get for simply buying the item fresh and cutting it up yourself.

I guess another way to think of it is would you actually be willing to pay someone like say $50/hr to cut a simple piece of fruit for you? Whenever I see pre-cut fruits or even vegetables at the supermarket I usually can’t see the value of it since they seem so marked up. If cutting them up yourself is really that much of a chore I would say at those prices investing in some kind of cutting tool that specializes in specific fruits and vegetables will probably pay itself at those rates.

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