Post Promotion And Renewals Fees That Are Just Too Much

Post Promotion And Renewals Fees That Are Just Too Much

For the new years the very first thing I purchased for my new project was a domain name. While I know various companies often have promotions, 99 cents was perfect for my goal in finding a price that was under one dollar. The funny thing was that it was posted here that another company was offering domains for free which would have worked nice for my project. However, it didn’t seem to work. What caught my attention was the annual renewal rates.

The standard price for one year here was $8.88 which isn’t too bad as a lot of people charge like $12 US a year for a domain name. But when I saw the annual renewal rate it just seemed ludicrous. As you can see here, it was tagged at $35.95. That is way too much considering what the regular market rate is. I can imagine people will easily just register it for the first year in a set it and forget mode only to be surprised after.


Kind of a reminder that whenever you sign up for any kind of plans you should always look at the cost after the promotional period is done. This is probably very true if you have like a fitness goal for the new years as a lot of things like gym memberships will be extremely cheap for like the first few months only for the few to skyrocket after. Be very informed as to what kind of contract you are entering into.

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