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Is A Positive Outlook Key For Good Financial Management Too

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While going to my destinations today a lady stopped me on the sidewalk to ask for the directions which wasn’t anything unusual. She was then explaining how she wanted to buy something for the car that would cool it like a fan but they were all sold out in her local area. I then joked on how she should have bought things like fans during the winter when no one wants them and to save money.

She then started to talk about her beliefs and habits of money. She expressed how in her life she was always taught that if you don’t have the money then you shouldn’t spend it. Very good common sense points of course that a lot of people simply don’t do. But the most interesting was how she started to say things such as regardless if you have very little money there is always a way. She specifically said things such as not having a lot of money means not going to Starbucks but instead making your own coffee. Or if you have no money to buy food then growing it can be an option.

She was generally super positive about being financially responsible and even showed me how she paid her bills way ahead of the due date. It made me wonder how important is it simply just to have a positive attitude about finance in general? I know for me it’s more about the confidence in being able to do things with very little money which I suppose can be a positive attitude too. But in many ways it does require a mind shift.

If you always think you don’t have enough money then an example could be you are insisting in doing thing the same way as opposed to innovating or adapting to your budget.

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