Playing Around With Deal Offers Based On Artificial Intelligence
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Playing Around With Deal Offers Based On Artificial Intelligence

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It’s not uncommon nowadays that many people have apps from stores that give reward points or even shopping sites that try and analyze your shopping history to better determine what you would actually buy if they recommended something. One thing that got my attention today was for one supermarket that gave me a coupon that would allow me to literally get 10% off on everything that I buy. Sounds good right?

Well, I didn’t end up using it. The reason is because they normally give me a coupon that provides 20% off everything if I wait long enough. I just used one about a week ago and usually wouldn’t see another for two weeks or so. So when I saw this coupon that appeared fairly quickly I knew it was just the computer trying to see how less it can offer me before I make a purchase. From my past experience if you buy nothing then it gives you the bigger coupon deals and that’s what I am indeed doing.

I think that is something you should keep in mind if you are looking for the best coupon deals of sorts. That’s another benefit to trying to find deals from many places too because if one business wants you to come back it often offers better items. Especially with the way many of the computers are programmed to think.

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