Having Plans For Once You Achieve Your Goals or Not

Having Plans For Once You Achieve Your Goals or Not

Recently I saw a scenario where a person had been trying to reach a goal for a very long time where they were putting almost 5 hours a day on average to complete a project. It had pretty much become a lifestyle routine of sort for the person to try and complete it. Eventually the person was close to finishing and the funny thing was how the individual was procrastinating in completing it as they knew once they did finish it that was it.

When asked what she would do once she completed it she basically had no real idea and just said something along the lines of maybe start again. That made me think where if you have some kind of goal in mind where you know it will take a long time do you ever think of what you would do after? Or so you only focus on that objective at hand?

I have often heard some entrepreneurs say too that in situations like these they actually hope it never ends as they always want to continue with the journey. For myself I don’t think I personally think that far in the sense of I’d rather focus on the task at hand too. Because during then so many things can change in general in terms of life. You will probably be a different person by then too.

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