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Being Plain And Generic At Times

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There was this video I was watching where a company was talking about all the bad resumes they got from applicants and the reasons they would deny even calling the applicant in for an interview. They had a bunch of typical points such as people putting a lot of irrelevant details or even placing false education and work history on it. But one thing that surprised me was how they said they actually ignored applicants that used things such as arty fonts for their text.

The mindset was that people chose these fonts because they thought it would help them stand out. In reality this created a mindset to the human resource person that the applicant wasn’t very professional. I guess it’s kind of like if someone asked for a professional headshot photo you instead give one where you are partying during new year’s day or something. Like there plain and simple would be better.

I don’t know if I would ever just flat out ignore a person like that if I was in that position because a person trying to be different in that case can show a lot of good traits as well. For example, wanting to innovative and not being afraid to try new things without being handheld. But I guess this shows you though that if you are trying to work for a company then you kind of have to cater to their mindset and bias as well. Know your audience I guess you can say.

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